✔ Live in another country
Watch a soccer game at Old Trafford
Watch a world cup final
Attend TED
✔ Being students president
100km trip by bike
✔ Start my own blog
✔ Get a part-time job
✔ Conquer Fansipan
Conquer Mt. Fuji
Everest base camp
Buy a car
Buy a house
✔ Sleep outdoor
100k page views blog
✔ Start my own business
✔ Get ears pierced
Get a tattoo
Couch surfing
Visit Sicily, Italy
✔ Visit an island
✔ Being on a camp
Visit Beijing
Visit Hongkong
Visit Okinawa
✔ Sleep in the forest
✔ Travel alone
Visit India
Reads 500 books
Cook well
Record a podcast
Bungee jump
Go abroad for a concert
Finish 10 online courses
✔ Be financial indepent
Visit Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
✔ Ask a stranger's number
✔ Be on school website
Be on national TV
✔ Dancing in the rain
✔ Dancing on stage
Visit 20 countries
Get >1x stars project on git
Overseas trip with family
Learn to play a music instrument
Sail a boat
Get AWS certified
Master degree
✔ Build a 100 users per day service
TOEIC or IELTS certified
✔ Watch a basketball match
✔ Watch a baseball match
Donate blood
Visit Harry Potter castle
Witness an eclipse
Volunteer abroad
Run a marathon
Get a sport bike
✔ Have a conversation with stranger at cafe
Be in ultra festival
Travel in a helicopter
Fly first class
Get a driver license
Get a followed playlist on Spotify